"For the person I was before illness Hoping for some reprieve and stillness For the person I was in the past I hope this feeling doesn't last" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After that terrible piece of 'poetry' if you're still reading - you all deserve an award or something! I have wanted to write this post but not … Continue reading Mourning…

Plans for Autumn

As the title says - I have a list or a a few things I would like to start/do during this season - mainly for when I finished work next month. It will finally be the time where my head will be clearer and lighter so there are no excuses to get a few things … Continue reading Plans for Autumn

At a crossroads

Again, its been a hot minute when I last posted (sorry). Basically, although things have slowed down in terms of drama (on the most part) mentally.. its still been a pretty big dipper. Dates have been and gone but weirdly despite initial upset and bumps, I am better now for it. Including closing certain chapters … Continue reading At a crossroads

“Just start writing”

          Wanna know how to start a blog? ************************************************************************************* Well, it's simple three words - JUST START WRITING. This is why I'm here today (well, tonight actually) writing my first blog post. I first heard these words 2 months ago, yet it's still taken me this long to get here 🙃 … Continue reading “Just start writing”