As always, it’s been a while. This is just a quick update blog post.

Originally I had plans to write about my dreams and hopes for 2020. Then, well 2020 had other plans!

But here’s the quick update ‘deets’:

  • I started a new job as an assistant psychologist in inpatient adult MH services in February (I love it)
  • Learning and delivering DBT (Dialectical Behavioural Therapy) groups and mindfulness on inpatient wards
  • I have successfully come off my antidepressants – sertraline since March
  • I am back at uni from the second semester redoing the last two modules I was unable complete with being unwell last year (one assignment left)
  • Applied/interviewed for the next stage of psychotherapy training (attempt no. 2)
  • Started new drug for my Fibromiyalgia – Amytriptaline which is helps
  • I started a regular workout routine with a local ladies group – found a love for Powerhoop!
  • Reached 3k on my MH twitter account
  • Kept my bonsai tree (Bonnie) alive since my 27th birthday in December 2019
  • Kept and been happy in my job for the last 5 months after over 6 months last year long term sick!
  • Made it through February – the anniversaries of x4 suicide attempts
  • Something else very affirming and powerful in all the best ways (which one day I will share more publicly)

These are just some of the things I feel have happened for me so far this year.

Despite all of the adversity and crisis this year, I’ve been doing surprisingly well. I did have a couple of wobbles (getting triggered in march about my ex when out with friends) but I have accepted and learning from it. I have been lucky to have supportive friends and family (and twitter/instagram).

Life in quarantine/isolation isn’t easy for anyone. But I am proud that I am managing despite it. Which is quite an achievement. I hope you are all coping okay and remembering that you don’t need to be achieving everything and anything. Just surviving is enough.

Take care & until next time.

T x

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