As the title says – I have a list or a a few things I would like to start/do during this season – mainly for when I finished work next month.

It will finally be the time where my head will be clearer and lighter so there are no excuses to get a few things I’d like done!

N.B. I know this is a longgggg list but its literally everything and anything that has been bothering me in my head lately. I am hoping to sit down and plan more specific goals (SMART ones) but this is a general guideline/reminder for myself but also hopefully keep me accountable/mindful of what I am wanting to get done.

  • Start a new fitness regime (research gym membership & plan workout/rest days)
  • Clean up my diet (meal planning, reduce sugar snacking)
  • Start using my slow cooker again (research recipes)
  • Batch cook/meal prep my meals to stay on track
  • Label/have a note of what is in my freezer so it get used (add to list on phone/alexa)
  • Start using my smoothie maker again
  • Start Yoga (research beginner stuff at home & practice)
  • Start Clubercise (been wanting to try it for ages and its exercise with enjoyment)
  • Continue with KonMari Method of decluttering (books onwards)
  • Continue filming progress and updates for youtube
  • Organise spare bedroom wardrobe
  • Organise coat and shoe rack downstairs
  • Organise my laptop files (clean up laptop)
  • Back up and clean mobile (mainly pictures)
  • Put away garden stuff in shed
  • Start reading nightly (update on reading apps)
  • Start planning/journaling (written & apps)
  • Make time for creativity at home in spare time
  • Refresh youtube channel (seasonal edits)
  • Plan youtube schedule for content
  • Plan blog schedule and content
  • Set reminders for beauty regimes and set routine (reminder apps)
  • Use plum app for savings (mainly for when back at work)
  • Set up Cleo app for money (need to change logins)
  • Put spare change into bank account from home
  • Clean interior of car
  • Wash exterior of car once finished work
  • Attend any courses I have/plan to sign up to (self help/CBT/Talks/work courses)
  • Dye hair at home with dye bought a month ago (save going to hairdresser)
  • Continue decorating home
  • Make inspirational board
  • Get noticeboard from home
  • Make a secure encrypted list of passwords/important info

These probably look mega random but I just thought it might inspire some of you out there to ‘brain dump’ some of your niggles or things you want to work towards.

I can imagine that these will continue and become goals for 2020 and things I want to work and improve on.

Do you have a list of things you would like to get done? Or any new goals for autumn into the new year? Please share with me and we can inspire/motivate each other!

Take care and move love, T x

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