“Just start writing”







Wanna know how to start a blog?


Well, it’s simple three words – JUST START WRITING.

This is why I’m here today (well, tonight actually) writing my first blog post. I first heard these words 2 months ago, yet it’s still taken me this long to get here 🙃

Butttt – it’s still happening so I’m going to say it’s been a ‘win win’ situation right now.


You know what this means right?

This means you are going to start getting to know the blogger behind this blog.

In a nutshell, I’m a 25 year old woman (still feels odd saying that and not girl) who lives in the north west of England, I’ve lived alone since 2011 with two years in boarding school before that, went off to uni in York to study psychology, came back home to good ol’ Lancashire and because I still didn’t have a clue what to do with my life – studied a masters in Human Resources. Spent a few months unemployed, landed my first job at a WH Smith in Preston cleaning the floors and food refrigerators on the late night shifts, then volunteered for my first office job in a mental health team and then one day came into being a support worker for the past two years.


Ha. But I did leave out the ‘super fun‘ mental breakdowns along the way, a controlling relationship which was my first ever one, with some good feeling like an orphan dumped in a boarding school before that 😅

oh and I did used to have a blog back in uni called ‘Beauty at Tiffany’s’ but again, life got in the way and I deleted it one day.

Ahh the memories.


So, WHY should you read this blog?

Good question!

I suppose it’s to help someone else feel a little less alone, weird, like a failure in this world. I feel and hope to be a relatable lady who shares her struggles, triumphs or just words of ‘wisdom’ (hmm debatable Tiff) that I’ve learnt alone my way, which has been quite a solitary journey to be honest.

But also, because (I hope) at least *some* of you will of come from my YouTube channel I impulsively bit the bullet and started one June night after feeing bored from my job.

Another part of this blog which was a big inspiration for starting and for why you may want to read it – is because I am now a “team young champion 2018” campaigner for Time To Change charity that hopes to end the stigma around mental health.


One of the only ways we can do that is to encourage a conversation about mental health so it’s not taboo. We all have mental health but not all of us have mental illness. Everyone’s story is unique and important and if my blog helps someone realise that or helps even 1 person on this 6 billion odd populated planet, then that’s good enough for me.


What can I expect to see on your blog?

If you watch my YouTube channel than you may already know what kinds of topics I cover: bargain shopping, beauty and lifestyle of course!



I’m a big bargain shopper so if I find anything good for my money, you bet I’m going to talk about it, in terms of beauty what makeup I’m loving, beauty products I recommend and my experiences testing/trying it. I’m a big lush fan too – gimmie all the bath bombs girl 😍 fashion again is similar, I have to warn you that I’m a high street shopper so if you’re here for designer gear – might not be the place for you 😅 I like talking about my collections of things too whether it’s perfume, bags, makeup and more. A lot of these will accompany video versions on my YouTube channel.


Mental health awareness, being a Time To Change Champion, personal stories/experiences, coping mechanisms, how to help yourself and more (you don’t give away all your ideas/put all your eggs in one basket right?)


I will also be talking about university/student life, what I’ve learnt, what I recommend for freshers and halls and my overall experiences.

YouTube will also be a topic I will discuss, what I’ve learnt, dos and donts, who I watch and who I don’t watch (and why), my hopes and goals as well as my overall journey (it’s only been a year btw). I’ll also be talking about my fave TV shows, films and video games too.


Lastly, I am passionate about self development. I’m really wanting to grow myself and I’ve found my 20s to be a very confusing time period of being an actual adult but also really realising how much I don’t have my shizz together.

So this leads into books that have changed my life, reading lists, self care routines, healthy habits, life advice/experiences, organisation, tips living alone, saving money, my fitness journey and just so much more.



I feel like I should be like Oprah now saying who’s getting some sort of prize for making this far. You really do deserve one! 🍫



It’s easy, just comment!

I also encourage any guest posts so please feel free to contact via my page, email, DM on social media’s or whatever you are comfortable with.

It’s very early days so I feel big headed putting that in but worth saying anyways.


This is it for me now 💜

I hope this has been a useful introductory post for the start of my blog.

Any questions and/or feedback welcome below.

See you in the next one,

Tiffany x

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